Personal Umbrella

This program will have you singing in the rain, providing $1 to 10 million limits for individuals and families.

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Coverage Available

  • Primary or Excess
  • Individuals and families
  • $1 to $10 Million limits

Underlying Requirements

  • Auto - $500/500/100 or $500,000 CSL (including motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATV's); $250/500/100 available for additional premium, subject to driver guidelines
  • Personal Liability - $300,000 CPL
  • Watercraft - $300,000 CSL, including personal watercraft, unless youthful operators - then $500,000 CSL required
  • Vacant Land - $300,000 CSL (refer to company)
  • All Rental Units - $300,000 CSL
  • Motor Homes - $500,000 CSL or $250/500/100


  • Underlying Carriers must have an AM Best Rating of B+V or better
  • Must be written in the name of an individual and/or spouse. No corporate names
  • Current MVRs required for all household drivers or any person having access to insured vehicles
  • Complete and signed application required for all accounts (including occupation - if self employed please clarify)
Effective Date: 08/25/2008