Target Personal Umbrella

Give your business a little star power with this program offering limits of $1 to $10 million for individuals such as celebrities, entertainers and professional athletes. Available on a primary or excess umbrella basis.

About Our Agency

Wholesale agency respresenting the states of Delaware and Maryland

Coverage Available

  • Primary or Excess
  • Primary $2-10 Million Limits available
  • Excess $1-10 Million Limits available
  • Underlying carriers must have a B+ or better A. M. Best rating
  • Personal Injury (optional)

Underlying Requirements

Target Primary Personal Umbrella -

  • CPL minimum $300,000
  • Auto Liability $250/500/100 or $500 CSL (If driver 21 or under, $500,000 CSL)
  • Watercraft $500/500/250 or $500 CSL

Target Excess Personal Umbrella -

  • Underlying Personal Umbrella of at least $1 million through another insurance carrier.


  • Underlying carriers must have an AM Best Rating of B+ or better
  • Policy must be written in the name of an individual and/or spouse. No corporate names
  • Current MVRs required for all household drivers or any person having access to insured vehicles
  • Complete and signed application required for all accounts
Effective Date: 08/06/2008