Dwelling - Renovation / Under Construction

Here's some business you can build on! This program is for one to four family dwellings that are being renovated or are under construction with values up to $1,000,000.

About Our Agency

Wholesale agency respresenting the states of Delaware and Maryland

Coverages Available

  • Dwelling Fire Basic Form DP-1
  • Dwelling Fire Comprehensive Form DP-3

Coverage Options


  • V&MM available
  • Appurtenant Structure


  • Premises Liability Limits up to $1,000,000

Guidelines (Additional state specific guidelines may apply):

  • Insurance to value is required to be 100% of the completed ACV
  • A completed, signed application is necessary to bind coverage
  • Photos are required for all dwellings
  • Inspections may be conducted on some dwellings
  • Contractor information required for all work
Effective Date: 02/18/2019