Monoline Liability

Bring the profits home! This program offers Personal or Premises liability and Medical Payments options for one to four family dwellings, townhouses and condominiums. Coverage is available for owner, tenant, seasonal and vacant occupancies.

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About Our Agency

Sovereign serves insurance professionals in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Massachusetts. All programs are not available in all states.

Underwriting Rules

May Effect Eligibility:

  • Short term or seasonal rentals
  • Risks with prior liability losses within the past three years

Prohibited Business

  • Risks with any domestic, guard, or vicious animals. Prohibited dog breeds include but are not limited to Chows, Pit Bulls (Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier), Dobermans, Rottweillers and Wolf Hybrids
  • Risks with unfenced swimming pools
  • Farm exposures
  • Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Repossession within the past three years
  • Any risk in foreclosure, repossession or bankruptcy proceedings
Effective Date: 06/27/2007