Garage Operations - Dealers

Don't let this great opportunity drive off the lot! Automobile dealers represent a wide variety of exposures involving sales and repair of automobiles. The Garage Policy includes liability coverage for premise exposures, garage operations, products/completed operations, and incidental off premises. It also includes liability and physical damage for owned autos held for sale. The policy may be endorsed to include coverage for customers' autos left in the care, custody and control of the dealer for repair.

Prohibited Business could still be considered, please give us a call.

About Our Agency

Insurance Markets is a full service wholesaler exclusively serving retail insurance brokers for Pennsylvania and New Jersey insureds.

General Liability

  • Garage Liability up to $1,000,000/$1,000,000/$1,000,000
  • Medical Payments for Premises, Auto or Both
  • Mandatory Completed Operations Deductible of $250

Garagekeepers Liability

  • Legal Liability
  • Direct Primary Liability
  • Direct Excess Liability
  • Deductibles are $500/$2,500

Optional Coverages Available

  • Broad Form Products
  • Drive Away Collision
  • Personal Injury Liability Coverage
  • Owners of Garage Locations
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Broadened Coverages
  • In-Tow Coverage
  • Dealer Plates
Effective Date: 12/16/2013